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Prestige CBD Review

Prestige CBD Review

Prestige CBD is Los Angeles-based CBD brand with a line of all-natural CBD products.

The brand’s products feature sleek, black packaging with a gold trim, which gives the brand a premium, “high-end” look.

Immediately I’m thinking to myself, “Prepare for high-end marketing strategy backed by a heavy price tag…” But when I got to their website, I was surprised to find that their products were priced pretty competitively to the other options I’ve tried. In addition to CBD tinctures, the brand offered a decent variety of products such as salves, skin cream and pet CBD.

Now typically, we get products submitted to us for a review and the company sends us their product, but this time, we decided to go under cover and get a real experience of the Prestige CBD and its products.

We ordered their 200mg, 400mg, and 1,000mg CBD tinctures from their online store. Flat-Rate shipping would’ve been $7, but we earned free shipping by spending over $79.

Within just 2 days, our order arrived. Time to get to reviewing!

Dive into our Prestige CBD Review to learn about full experience, pros and cons, and more!

(Please note that we are based in the same state as their headquarter so shipments to other states may not be as quick)

Prestige CBD Review Continued…

Inside our order was Prestige CBD’s Tonic (the brand’s name for their CBD tincture) in 200mg, 400mg, and 1,000mg. The product’s black packaging looked and felt luxurious, and the gold foil trim was a nice touch.


Visually, the oil looked pristine, featuring crystal clear color and consistent viscosity (the thickness and texture of the liquid). According to their website, Prestige CBD’s tonic, and all their other products, are 100% natural, vegan, and pesticide-free, and made in the USA.

The next step in our reviewal process was to assess their lab results. Initially, we did have a little trouble finding them, which was a little concerning.

I sent an email to their support team addressing my concerns, and received a response within 4 hours apologizing that the lab results were not up on the website. They included current lab results for all their products, and informed me that each batch is individually tested for quality and consistency.

Update: Shortly after posting our review, Prestige CBD added lab results to each of their products shop page on their online store.

Based on lab results from SC Labs, Prestige CBD’s Tonic is free of THC and each concentration strength contains more than the actual amount listed on the products label, which is great. Who likes getting more CBD than they thought they were getting?

For details on the cannabinoid profile of Prestige CBD’s tonic, please review our Cannabinoid Profile as well as Prestige CBD’s lab tests, which can be found in the description area of their product page.


When we started the Flavor Testing process of our review, we found that Prestige CBD’s Tonic does not contain any additional flavoring additives. Personally, I think this is a good thing, because less ingredients is always better. On the other hand, this could play a factor if you enjoy flavored tinctures.

In any case, the the oil did not have a strong hemp taste at all. It was very mild and didn’t leave a foul aftertaste. Overall, our team enjoyed it.

Prive Vs. Value

Initially, I assumed that Prestige’s products were going to pack a heavy price tag based on the brands’ luxury-style branding; however, their pricing is actually pretty affordable. In fact, the pricing is better than other options of this quality level. Here’s the pricing for the three different concentrations we tried:

  • Prestige CBD Tonic ( 200mg) – $19.95
  • Prestige CBD Tonic ( 400mg) – $39.95
  • Prestige CBD Tonic ( 1,000mg) – $79.95

To clarify, Prestige CBD’s Tonic isn’t the cheapest oil out there, and definitely isn’t the “budget value” product people buy when they don’t care what’s inside of it. Prestige CBD’s Tonic is priced fairly and delivers great value.

Company Background


After thoroughly reviewing Prestige CBD’s Tonic and assessing their online reputation, I have to say that I’m not disappointed at all. The brand image may be a little gaudy, but it definitely portrays a true image of the product’s quality and the company’s mindset that CBD is liquid gold, which we definitely agree with.

If you’ve been seeing Prestige CBD around, and like myself, considered giving it a try, I highly recommend it.

A great quality product, backed by a solid company who isn’t trying to overcharge you, is not easy to come by these days. We definitely hope to see a lot more great things from Prestige CBD in the future (and possibly the opportunity to review more of their products!).

Update: Looks like Sami from Prestige CBD saw our review when we posted it and is going to let us review their whole product line so expect those in the near future. She extended a 20% off coupon to give to our readers so it’s easy to give her product a try!

Use code CBDORIGIN20 to save 20% off on their online store:

If you have had an experience using Prestige CBD or have any questions or comments, please feel free to engage below.

Dive into our in-depth Prestige CBD Review to see our rating breakdown and read about our experience with their products + Save 20% off w/ code CBDORIGIN20

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