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PAX™ ERA Pods Distillate Vape

Mary’s fills its PAX™ Era Pod with a 100% natural, PG- and pesticide-free THC Blend and 3:1 CBD:THC. PAX™ Era Pods feature heat-control technology to ensure superior flavor. The Mary’s and PAX relationship results in the ultimate vapor experience. Available in THC Blend, 3:1 CBD:THC Blend and 1:1 CBN:CBD.

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This product is not available online. It can only be purchased through licensed dispensaries in states where medical or recreational cannabis is legal. Full product suite may not be available in all locations. Please visit our Store Locator to find a store near you.

The Mary’s and PAX Vape relationship results in the ultimate vaping experience. Available in THC Blend, 3:1 CBD:THC Blend and PAX™ Era Device.

8 PAX Era Pods to Get Excited About

PAX Era pods rely on a special CO2 extraction process to create cartridges that are the closest thing to flower you’ll ever vape. They come in an endless litany of strains, are incredibly tasty, last for ages, and are also blissfully gentle on your lungs. What more could you hope for?

Make your day brighter. Find energizing cannabis strains.

As a travel writer, I’m often bouncing from state to state in search of the next greatest pod. Getting to try out new producers and strains is a total joy, one that I cannot recommend highly enough.

In the spirit of spreading the good word about these humble pods, here’s a peek at some of the country’s finest PAX Era pods and where you can find them. They aren’t yet available nationwide (legal reasons, don’tcha know), so look for Era pods when you’re visiting Arizona, California, Colorado, Illinois, Maryland, Massachusetts, Nevada, Oregon, or Washington.

Arizona: 1:1 Blackberry Kush by Drip Extracts

Check these menus for it:

  • tru|med in Phoenix
  • MuV in Phoenix
  • Urban Greenhouse in Phoenix (order in advance with Leafly Pickup!)

Drip Extracts is the extracting arm of Arizona-based dispensary Tru Med, and one of the largest producers of PAX pods to boot. You’ll find all sorts of flavors here including a Mimosa pod and Bubble Gum. Among all of these pods one stands alone: the very fine 1:1 CBD to THC Blackberry Kush pod. Say goodbye to counting sheep at bedtime and hello to a whole new world of relaxation.

California: Remedy 3:1 by Level Blends

(Courtesy of Level)

Check these menus for it:

  • Elemental Wellness in San Jose
  • LAPCG in West Hollywood
  • Green Valley Collective in North Hollywood

If you haven’t heard of Level Blends you should look them up ASAP. A California-based brand with an eye on the medical side of things, they’re one of the few producers to make CBD rich PAX pods. In this case, it’s Remedy 3:1 CBD to THC blend. Specifically designed to deliver a mild high for easing pain and promoting sleep, the high CBD content makes it worth every penny (if you’re lucky enough to live in California).

California: Blue Tsunami 1:1 by Bloom Farms

(Courtesy of Bloom)

Check these menus for it:

If CBD pods are heaven, then 1:1 is the magical unicorn we all pursue with unbridled fervor. You can find this radiant unicorn in the form of a 1:1 pod by Bloom Farms. Dubbed “Blue Tsunami,” it’s a cross between Blue Dream and Sour Tsunami, giving it a slight creative kick with minimal jitteriness that can sometimes accompany strong cerebral cultivars. Sweet and fruity in taste, its gentle yet uplifting effects make it one of my favorite pods on this list.

Colorado: Live Resin Pre-98 Bubba Kush by The Lab

(Courtesy of The Lab)

Check these menus for it:

  • Herbs4You in Denver
  • Lotus Medical in Denver
  • AMCH – Medical in Denver

One aspect of what makes PAX pods so lovely is that they’re made from flower rather than distillate. This allows you to taste all the cultivar’s natural goodness and is best demonstrated in PAX’s live resin pods, particularly the Pre-98 Bubba Kush by Colorado’s The Lab. While the few live resin pods I’ve seen have opted to use more cerebral strains, the decision to take a heavy, sedating cultivar like Bubba Kush and turn it into a live resin pod is a very wise move. Enjoy maximum flavor with that old-school stoniness you know and love.

Maryland: Grandoggy Purps by Liberty Cannabis

(Courtesy of Liberty)

Check these menus for it:

  • Herban Legends of Towson in Towson
  • Pure Life Wellness in Baltimore (order in advance with Leafly Pickup!)
  • Liberty in Rockville

While Maryland has yet to get their recreational cannabis up and running, medical marijuana is fully operational. I scoured the farthest corners of the internet until I was lucky enough to come across Liberty Cannabis, aka the producers of Grandoggy Purps. It’s a cross between Purple Urkle and Big Bud. The deep berry notes are extremely tasty on the palate, helping you drift away into a gentle state of calm that’s perfect for the end of a long day at work.

Nevada: Super Sour Diesel by MatrixNV

(Courtesy of MatrixNV)

Check these menus for it:

  • Medizin in Las Vegas
  • Thrive Cannabis Marketplace in Las Vegas
  • NuWu Marketplace in Las vegas

A classic “get shit done” strain, this PAX pod by MatrixNV is a cross between Sour Diesel and Super Silver Haze. It’s a beautiful combo: the diesel provides a great burst of energy while the haze influence yields warm, fuzzy feelings amped with lots of creative fuel. Smoke it before working on an art project, while hiking, or even at parties for an energizing high that’ll keep you upbeat and functional.

Oregon: Huckleberry Sauce+ by Oregrown

(Courtesy of Oregrown)

Check these menus for it:

  • TJ’s Provisions in Eugene
  • Amazon Organics in Eugene
  • Hijinx Cannabis Co. in Medford

There’s an awful lot to love from Oregrown, including a new line of “Sauce+” pods with extra terpenes and CBD blends, which makes it difficult to pick a favorite. Despite my indecision, in the end the pod that stuck with me the most was the Huckleberry Sauce +. This bad boy is supremely terp-y and tastes like freshly baked pie, allowing you to keep a little piece of summer all year long. It delivers big, clean hits and can be smoked on all day long thanks to its moderate (43.5%) THC levels.

Washington: Dutch Treat by Heylo

(Courtesy of Heylo)

Check these menus for it:

  • Ganja Goddess in Seattle (order in advance with Leafly Pickup!)
  • Smoking Crow in Bellingham
  • Origins in Redmond

The Pacific Northwest is blessed. Much like their sister state, Oregon, Washington-based producers Heylo Cannabis put out a lot of great PAX options with over 20 varieties to choose from. These pods have the distinct advantage of a “Cannastamp,” a new visual way to convey terpene information and potency at a quick glance. One of the best in the lot is the quintessential Dutch Treat, a delicious hybrid that’s full of pine notes and delivers a rush of giddiness to both body and mind. It’s a great all-around strain that’s sure to please even the pickiest of connoisseurs.

PAX Era Pods are the complete package: flavorful, tasty, and gentle. Here’s a peek at my favorite pods across the country and where you can find them.