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Leafwize Naturals Review

  • Leafwize Naturals Review


CBD Oil Review rates Leafwize Naturals with two stars because it qualifies for the Quality and Mission Badges.

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Leafwize Naturals: 60-Second Summary

Leafwize Naturals sources its organically-grown hemp from Oregon and Colorado and processes their CBD oil in California. Cannabinoids are extracted using environmentally-friendly Co2-based procedures. But the badge comes with a caveat: One of the company’s products contains polysorbates, which we don’t like to see.

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Leafwize Naturals Brand Review

Leafwize Naturals makes a point to focus on products that are, well, natural. (It’s all in the name.) And indeed, their range of CBD oil tinctures and vape cartridges seem to hit that mark, including the simple ingredient list of CBD oil, essential oils, and various plant terpenes, which are added in separately by the company and tailored to each product.

We also like that their vape cartridges are free of PEG (polyethylene glycol — which can contain ethylene oxide, a highly noxious chemical) and PG, or propylene glycol, a synthetic additive in many vape cartridges, CBD or otherwise.

But the same can’t be said for the company’s gel caps, which includes a polysorbate emulsifier, a substance natural in itself but one that’s treated with the same noxious ethylene oxide.

Leafwize Naturals also sells edibles, including several types of chocolates and teas, which seem above-board. Its topical offering–a CBD oil-infused salve–does not include an ingredient list, though the company says it’s all-natural.

Buyers can find both isolate and full-spectrum items on the menu, and prices range from $3.49 for a packet of CBD tea to $49 for vape cartridges and smaller tinctures to up to $124 for larger tincture bottles.

Bottom line: While we applaud Leafwize Naturals’ mission and dedication to natural ingredients, we don’t like that polysorbates make an appearance in the gelcaps. We also wish the company would be more forthcoming about test results for purity and contaminants, which could have earned them a Safety Badge. And it never hurts to show a little charity–or innovation!

This Leafwize Naturals Review reveals the truth about this CBD oil company. Not all CBD is created equal. Read this before you buy Leafwize Naturals CBD.

Leafwize Naturals

All Natural CBD Products with Terpenes & Coconut Oil

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About Leafwize Naturals

CBD + Terpenes + 97% C8 MCT Coconut Oil for all natural products that are healthy and good tasting. Use our tinctures orally or topically. Vape cartridges are flavored with real plant extracts, nothing artificial.

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