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Ellevet Hemp CBD+CBDA Oil For Dogs 30mL

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ElleVet Hemp CBD+CBDA Oil is a great option for dogs with food sensitivities or allergies, or for dogs that are picky eaters. This hemp oil for dogs is concentrated so only a few drops are needed and is easily mixed with food.

This product can be used for:

    • Mobility
    • Comfort
    • Calming

Endorsed by veterinarians nationwide as the best CBD oil for dogs, ElleVet is the only CBD+CBDA product that has been proven to work and is backed by science.

ElleVet Complete is the same oil as Mobility Oil, just a new name!

Easy dose oral syringe included in every order.

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  • The Science
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Weight Week 1 Week 2+
Up to 25lbs 0.10ml AM & PM 0.10ml AM & PM
26lbs – 50lbs 0.40ml AM & PM 0.20ml AM & PM
51lbs – 75lbs 0.60ml AM & PM 0.30ml AM & PM
76lbs – 100lbs 0.90ml AM & PM 0.45ml AM & PM
101lbs – 125lbs 1.20ml AM & PM 0.60ml AM & PM
126+lbs 1.40ml AM & PM 0.70ml AM & PM

Give orally or in the food twice daily, morning and evening according to weight. If extra support is needed, maintain week 1 dose.

How to use the syringe in 3 easy steps:

1. Insert the provided syringe into your ElleVet Complete Oil adapter. 2. Flip the bottle and syringe upside down and let the air pocket settle. 3. Use the updated weight chart to determine your pet’s dose. Draw the syringe body down to needed amount.

The Science

How does Hemp work?

Hemp is not a mysterious substance, despite its reputation as a cure-all. There is hard science behind how hemp works, and why it works in dogs.

Hemp contains naturally occurring compounds called cannabinoids. There are over 140 known cannabinoids that have been identified in hemp and these cannabinoids interact with the endocannabinoid system found in animals and in humans. Interested in learning more about cannabinoids? Check out our Pet Owners Guide to Cannabinoids.

Cannabinoid receptors are found throughout the body and the brain and the different receptors affect different functions. Some cannabinoid receptors work on sensation, some affect mood and some on appetite. As cannabinoid receptors are found in the brain, organs, peripheral nervous system, connective tissue, glands and immune cells. The function of the endocannabinoid system is to maintain a stable environment in the body and therefore it makes sense that cannabinoid receptors are present in so many different areas of the body and brain.

The cannabinoids found in hemp stimulates these receptors and can signal the body to build more cannabinoid receptors. This is why the ElleVet product may work better and better over time, as your dog’s body builds more receptors and promotes better results.

Subscription FAQ

An ElleVet subscription is a great way to save money and ensure you always have what your pet needs. With a subscription you will receive 10% off every order. Orders over $150 will also receive free standard shipping. When you sign up for a subscription, an order will be processed and shipped to you at that time. All subsequent orders will ship at the interval you select during check out. Subscriptions can be placed on hold or canceled at any time. Changes can be made to your subscription at any time by logging into your account and going to “My Subscription,” or by calling 844-673-7287.

27 reviews for Ellevet Hemp CBD+CBDA Oil For Dogs 30mL

Sarah – December 26, 2018

Our dog has been on the oil for less than two week and is already showing signs of improvement. Even our friends are noticing the difference. We are absolutely pleased to see our best friend in less pain. Her personality is returning. It has made things calmer around the house just knowing that she is feeling better and moving with more ease.

Cindy and Steve Hoffman – September 21, 2019

Our 16 year old Cocker Spaniel Morris has been on the 20mil oil for months now. With out this he would not be able to walk or jump up on our couch. It keeps him moving and still with us. Thank you Elle Vet.

Elena Whiting – September 21, 2019

I have had my 16-year-old toy poodle, Willie, on elleVet CBD oil for over two months. He now takes me for walks in the morning and his appetite has greatly improved. I spent months researching all available information on hemp based CBD oil and chose this particular brand because of the research behind it. Although Willie still exhibits some signs of discomfort when he lays down, he seems to have much less than prior to its use. He is on six drops in the morning and six drops at night. I am hopeful that more double-blind studies with larger populations will be done thereby enhancing the lives of many more animals.

Kacey – September 21, 2019

Within 2 weeks we saw a remarkable improvement. Our dog is 12 yrs old and acts 5 yrs younger! He can jump into the SUV again and doesn’t have trouble with the stairs!

Myra – September 21, 2019

I have a 3 year old, 115 lb German shepherd foster dog who had bilateral elbow surgery a few months ago. It was recommended by my personal vet that we try CBD oil for him. The change was immediate. Although he has been getting around nicely since the surgery, any time he ran a lot he would start limping and laid down frequently. Within 24 hours of giving him the CBD oil there is very little if any limping. He seems to be able to take exercise much better and he is even playing. He definitely seems much happier.

Cathy Bowers – October 26, 2019

Our 16 year old beagle had stopped eating and could hardly walk. We had tried several medications to stimulate appetite to no avail. Lucy would just sleep all day and we were seriously questioning her quality of life. Our vet suggested ElleVet so we did. Lucy has been on Ellevet for a few months now…..Is much more alert and engaged with the family…able to walk much better and appetite has returned although she can be finicky at times…..or maybe she just prefers hamburg, roast beef and cookies to dog food. Anyway she has regained some of the weight she had lost and her quality of life has significantly improved!! We are so glad we tried this product and plan to maintain Lucy on it….well worth the price!

Kathy Cooper – November 14, 2019

I have a 14.5 yr. old Labradoodle that has survived liver cancer and is now dealing with joint discomfort. He is mobile and happy. I have seen a spike in his appetite and he is now wagging his tail! I do see a major difference in water intake and he sounds like he has a bit of dry mouth, so, lots of water around the house now.

Amy Prusak (verified owner) – December 17, 2019

Got this for my 13 years old Mastiff mix for her discomfort in her knees. You can tell it helps put a little pep in her step

Irene – February 18, 2020

Our 14 yr old with joint discomfort has been on Ellevet for almost a year now and it has been a game changer for him. This has made a huge improvement in his discomfort and mobility (along with gabapentin and previcox) . He plays a lot more now, has a good appetite, and is much more active. It is a good quality oil, and I haven’t seen any side effects from it. I put the drops in the clear capsules, as he won’t eat it because of the smell. Ask your vet about this product for your pet!

judyann0902 (verified owner) – February 25, 2020

We adopted a rescue German Shepherd who was crying whenever she jumped in the car or climbed stairs. I spoke to the rescue and the Director of the rescue felt there should be something natural to give her. She told me about ElleVet Mobility Oil. Within 3 weeks of starting her on the oil, she was a different dog. Running, jumping in the car and climbing stairs. She looked happy for the first time! I am a believer! This stuff works! What a blessing!

Kristin stattel – March 19, 2020

Ellevet has saved my 11 year Old German shepherd /Shiba inu girls life! A couple months ago, she was experiencing extreme discomfort in her back legs, unable to get comfortable and I thought I was going to have to put her down. I took her to Red Bank Vet, and after being in the hospital for a few days, she came home and started on Ellevet. I give her 10 drops in the morning, 5 drops in the afternoon, and 5 at night. After about 48 hrs, I started to notice a substantial difference. Now a month and a half later, she is happy, running and playing in the backyard, eating well, and like a new dog! Thank you ElleVet for saving my babies life! I can never thank you enough for this amazing product!

Rozanne (verified owner) – March 30, 2020

My 11 year old dog can’t comfortably live without Ellevet! The first week I gave it to him, he was able to sleep through the night for the first time in a long time. He is able to go on longer walks, run around the house, play with his toys, and overall, have a better quality of life. He has been on the mobility oil for 9 months now (in addition to multiple other meds prescribed by my vet) and going strong. Thank you so much Ellevet.

Aussiemom (verified owner) – April 19, 2020

A game changer! I have been giving this to my 15 year old australian shepherd for 6 months now. She has been active most of her life, competing in agility. When she started to slow down and vet thought arthritis I started to research options. This product has given my girl a significant Improvement in her quality of life. This is quality oil backed by research and double-blind studies not the junk that you can buy in stores. Don’t hesitate to purchase!

Teresa Coffee – April 30, 2020

I was very Leary about this Product but Let me tell you my 11 year old Doxie has been on this for 2 weeks.. We were desperate for anything that would help with her back and stumbling..After only Two weeks she is like a new pup. We have been doing laser therapy along with mobility oil and she’s doing awesome.. Definitely recommend for anyone who loves their pups as much as we love ours .

Erin Batty (verified owner) – May 15, 2020

This product has been a god-send for my 12 year old Beagle. She is back to her old, spunky self and is moving better than ever! I know this product helped her in her recovery and has also discomfort she was experiencing. I am so thankful that she has this new lease on life. I highly recommend this product!

npret – June 22, 2020

Our 17yr old Yorkie rescue Ruby is back to her zippy self. All her discomfort has been just about disappeared! She is a speed demon now…running,playing and up and down long stairs!

Carol McCue (verified owner) – July 26, 2020

This has made a life changing difference for my 16-year-old Basset, Pearl, who has joint discomfort and was also extremely stressed after an F3 tornado went through. Her movement is so much better now, plus she’s a content old lady. I’ve used the chews and the oil; the oil works best for her and is very easy to add to her food. Thank you!

Sara A Smith (verified owner) – August 23, 2020

I have to say that I was skeptical at first but did try it on my 12 year old labrador retriever. She didn’t want to walk any distance at all. Now she is running the whole length of my yard and acting young again. I would definitely recommend this product .

Mary W. (verified owner) – October 7, 2020

We started her on ElleVet CBD oil and we have seen a vast improvement. She rests comfortably, yet still has energy to play and go for walks. Also, her appetite has improved and she cleans her bowl most of the time. She seems happier and is more like her normal self. I’m so grateful that we can alleviate her discomfort so she can continue to be her happy, cuddly self.

Robin Lewis (verified owner) – December 15, 2020

This product has given our 11 year old Australian shepherd his life back. We thought we were going to lose him, I asked our Dr. if we could please try cbd and your product is the one she recommended. After a few days the results were unbelievable. We are now months into this supplement and our big guy is back to doing almost everything he was doing before. Walking playing and not missing a chance to hop into the car to go everywhere with us! Wonderful product.

Patti (verified owner) – December 15, 2020

Absolutely astounded by this product. 14 1/2 year old shepherd mix with joint discomfort. Since starting this 3 months ago I am amazed at her improvement. Thank you so much!🐶🐾💕

Michael Alderson – December 15, 2020

Sheru is a rescue off the streets of New Delhi with plenty of scars to show for it. Now at 15 yrs he showing some mobility challenges and seeming a little stressed. The cbd+cbda oil has really set back the clock a few years. He is enjoying life and walks much more than before ellevet. Thank you

Stacia Smith – December 15, 2020

I use this product for my 11 1/2 year old pup for his joint discomfort and it’s help immensely. As an added bonus, it’s also helped with his stress during thunderstorms and fireworks! Great product!

Susan (verified owner) – December 17, 2020

Ellevet is the absolute best. Our vet mentioned putting our Basset Hound on it. We followed his advice but really didn’t expect it to make much of a difference for his joint discomfort and stress due to him being 14 1/2 yrs old. Boy, were we wrong. Within 2 weeks, the change was huge. I didn’t order a refill soon enough and bought a different brand while we waited for his Ellevet to come and within a couple of days, he was back to having a hard time walking and getting up. Thank you for such a great product.

Terri Harmon – December 19, 2020

My lab is 9 and getting up and down off his bed after a day of play was becoming a struggle. This product has helped him immensely!! He can play like a younger pup with only minimal discomfort after. Thank you!

Sarah (verified owner) – December 22, 2020

This has helped my senior girl so much!

Gailann (verified owner) – December 22, 2020

Ellevet has helped our 20 year old girl keep her mobility, we love Ellevet!

Oil FAQs

How should I store my oil?

ElleVet CBD+CBDA oil does not need to be refrigerated and should be stored in a cool, dark place – like a cabinet or shelf. Do not store it next to your stove or in direct sunlight.

What if my dog eats more they should?

Generally, side effects are minimal, even if your dog eats the whole bag or bottle. If they do eat more than recommended they may be sleepy and/or have soft stools. If your dog experiences any side effects or eats more than they should please feel free to call us or your veterinarian.

What is the strength / potency of your oil?

Our oil has 70 mg of cannabinoids per ml of oil. Approximately 90% of those cannabinoids are CBD and CBDA and the rest are smaller but important cannabinoids. There is a full spectrum of cannabinoids and terpenes present in our oil, and they all work together to create the “entourage effect,” or synergistic effect, which makes our oil extraordinarily effective.

What does Proprietary Complete-Spectrum Cannabinoids Blend mean?

This means that the hemp we use is a strain developed specifically for us and grown just for us. No one else uses the same hemp we do and ours is the only hemp proven to work. Our oil is called complete spectrum because it contains all the cannabinoids and compounds available in the plant which all work together for the greatest effect.

How do I administer the oil?

ElleVet CBD+CBDA oil can be placed directly into your dogs mouth, onto their food or a treat, or placed inside a capsule (which are free to add to your order). Soft Gels are a great alternative if your dog does not like the taste or smell of the oil or you find it difficult to fill the capsules.

How often should my dog take the oil?

Based on our research on how dogs metabolize our product, twice a day dosing, everyday, is needed for the best effect. Spacing the dosing approximately 12 hours apart is ideal, and taking with food can improve absorption.

I have been using mobility oil for my dog but only see complete oil now, is mobility oil still available?

It is! We renamed the Mobility oil and now call it Complete. The reason for this is because the oil is so effective for stress and for many other issues, that the name Complete is more accurate.

Endorsed by veterinarians nationwide as the best CBD for dogs, ElleVet is the only CBD+CBDA product that has been proven to work and is backed by science.

ElleVet CBD Oil for Dogs

Our CBD Oil for dogs is the most effective and highest quality CBD product on the market. Clinically proven to work and trusted by veterinarians. We use a proprietary blend of CBD+CBDA, backed by science, that is clinically proven to help relieve joint stiffness and improve mobility. Over 80% of dogs show a dramatic improvement.

Benefits of CBD Oil for Dogs

Our products are formulated to relieve discomfort, increase mobility, manage stress and help with Senior dog issues and skin irritation. ElleVet products are the ONLY products scientifically proven to work in over 80% of dogs. ElleVet products are the best in the pet CBD industry.

Common Applications:

  • Joint Discomfort
  • Decreased Mobility
  • Long-term, Daily Stress
  • Situational Stress
  • Itchy or Irritated Skin
  • Cognitive Dysfunction
  • Senior Dog Issues

A Scientific Focus Using CBD+CBDA

ElleVet also conducted the first ever double-blind placebo study at Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine, on senior dogs with multi-joint issues associated with osteoarthritis. Over 80% of dogs who took ElleVet showed dramatic improvements in mobility.

In collaboration with the Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine, ElleVet conducted the first ever clinical study examining how CBD is metabolized by dogs. ElleVet determined the first proven dosing structure designed for the best results.

Click here to learn more about the science .

Responses from pet owners have been equally positive:

  • ✰✰✰✰✰ “My dog hadn’t gone up the stairs in 4 years.”
  • ✰✰✰✰✰ “This product has given my girl a significant Improvement in her quality of life. This is quality oil backed by research and double-blind studies not the junk that you can buy in stores.”

Our CBD oils are the most effective and highest quality CBD products on the market. Clinically proven to work and trusted by veterinarians.