cbda oil for sale

Cbda oil for sale

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Bluebird Botanicals CBD Oil – 500mg per Bottle

Endoca Raw CBD/CBDa Hemp Oil Drops – 300mg / 1500mg/ 3000mg per Bottle

Hemp Oil CBD Extract Sample Pack – 490 mg per Pack

Bluebird Complete CBD Capsules – 900mg per Bottle

Green Label (Raw) CBD / CBDa Hemp Extract – 100mg / 300mg / 1000mg per Tube

Endoca Hemp Raw CBD/CBDa Oil Softgels 300mg / 1200mg / 1500mg per Bottle

Plus CBD Oil Raw CBD & CBDa Softgels – 300mg per Bottle

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What Are CBN, CBG, and CBDA?

What is CBD Oil – CBD is an abbreviation for cannabidiol, a prominent naturally-occurring cannabinoid compound that has significant medical benefits.

CBD rich Oil for Sale – Green Wellness Life offers the highest qualitycbd rich oil for sale.

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With the increasing interest and demand for CBDA oils, many CBD manufacturers produce products containing cannabidiolic acid (CBDA) and other beneficial and therapeutic phytocannabinoids, terpenes and flavonoids. If you are looking for CBDa oils for sale, choose the best option from Myriam’s Hope Hemp and Bluebird Botanicals.

CBD per container

  • 500 (1)
  • 1500 (1)
  • Athletes (1)
  • Seniors (2)
  • Beginners (2)
  • Regular Users (3)
  • Terpenes (4)
  • Vitamins (1)

What is CBDA?

CBDA (cannabidiolic acid) is an acidic precursor of CBD formation in the raw cannabis and hemp plants, a process that that occurs when the plant is exposed to light and heat. The conversion process can happen slowly as a result of harvested cannabis plants degrading, or it can happen quickly when the cannabis is smoked or vaporized. Since CBDA can easily convert to CBD with exposure to heat and light, manufacturers had to develop products that preserved the composition of CBDA. To make CBDA accessible to consumers, the CBDA oil is used in many products like tinctures. It has no psychoactive effects.

Where Does CBDa Come From?

Every single cannabinoid starts out as cannabigerolic acid, or CBGa. This is the stem cell of cannabinoids, which becomes the various cannabinoids that you’ll find within cannabis by way of synthesis. The end result is THCa, cannabidiolic acid, etc.

In order to separate any of these cannabinoids from the rest of the plan, decarboxylation is needed. This process actually changes the molecular structure of these cannabinoids. Hemp naturally has a high concentration of CBDa and CBD. In a fresh form, it is possible to preserve CBDa by keeping it away from light, heat and air. Otherwise, decarboxylation will turn it into CBD.

CBDA Bioavailability

Bioavailability refers to the rate or degree to which a substance becomes available in the bloodstream and thus other systems. CBDA oil interacts with the endocannabinoid receptor COX-2 enzymes, and limited research to date has already shown it is exponentially more bioavailable than CBD when consumed.

How to Apply CBDA Oils?

CBDA is volatile, as mentioned, because it can quickly convert to CBD under the right circumstances. The CBDA oil products should be stored in a cool dry and not be exposed to light or heat. Some companies use the whole hemp plant in their creams and lotions to produce the “entourage effect.” This effect refers to the synergy of the many different cannabinoids found in the cannabis plant.

Approximately 25 ml of CBDA oil tincture can be placed under the tongue and held there for up to 90 seconds. This allows faster absorption. Then swallow the tincture. You can use the tincture 2-3 times daily, increasing the amount over a period of time as desired.

Always check with your medical provider to make sure that starting up a CBD or CBDa routine is safe for you to do. You may have restrictions based on another medication or supplement that you are taking.

What are CBDa Effects?

Cannabidiolic acid has many of the same beneficial properties that you will find in other cannabinoids. When it interacts with the body’s endocannabinoid system, balance and optimal functioning will occur. This occurs across a number of bodily functions such as appetite, metabolism, immune support, quality of sleep and more.


CBD and the CBDa cannabinoid are very similar in their chemical structure and their benefits. However, many professionals believe that CBD is the molecule of choice when it comes to the most proven health benefits. If you are interested in cannabinoids as a whole, you may want to do some research to find a full spectrum product. This will provide you with all of the benefits that come with each individual cannabinoid. When they work together, this is often a way to achieve even better results overall.

What is CBDa oil?

What is CBDa used for?

Is CBDA stronger than CBD?

What is the difference between CBD oil and CBDA oil?

Shop the highest-quiality CBDA oil and CBD + CBDA oil (50%) online from the trusted CBD manufacturers: Myriam’s Hope Hemp, Bluebird Botanicals at low prices. Choose the best CBDA Oil with potencies 600 mg and 750 mg of CBDA.