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CBD Infused Toothpicks

Moon Picks™ are natural wood toothpicks infused with premium CBD isolate. Our toothpicks offer a convenient way to deliver CBD, freshen your breath, and hydrate your mouth.

Bubble Gum – 250mg

Mint – 250mg

Strawberry Limeade – 150mg

Caramel Apple – 150mg

Made with premium CBD isolate.

Laboratory tested CBD for purity and dosage.

Each batch of Moon Picks CBD undergoes a third party laboratory testing procedure to ensure that the dosage you see on the package is what you get. We also make sure our CBD is free of THC, and we test all of our picks for contaminants.


Infused To The Core.

Moon Picks™ are handmade and infused “inside and out” and “top to bottom” with natural flavors and the highest quality ingredients. The natural birchwood used in our picks is freshly harvested in Maine.

Since our toothpicks are INFUSED (instead of soaked or coated) each layer of the toothpick is fully infused with CBD and flavor. Typical usage time for one toothpick is 25 minutes. As long as there’s flavor, there’s CBD left in the pick.

Sublingual and Ingestible.

When an active ingredient is administered sublingually, it is typically held under the tongue for 90 seconds so that the mucous membranes in the mouth can absorb it. However, Moon Picks™ utilize ALL the linings of your cheeks, tongue and lips for absorption as well as the oral cavity.

The main benefit of sublingual use is that the process bypasses the digestive and metabolic systems, allowing the compounds to reach your bloodstream and interact with the endocannabinoid system quicker.

Feel the Tingle.

Moon Picks™ give your mouth our signature tingle because they’re infused with spilanthes acmella. Also known as jambú, spilanthes is derived from an herb commonly called the “toothache plant”. Jambú activates the nerve paths in the mucosa to release more saliva and speeds the delivery of our toothpicks’ ingredients and increases absorption.

CBD Infused Toothpicks Moon Picks™ are natural wood toothpicks infused with premium CBD isolate. Our toothpicks offer a convenient way to deliver CBD, freshen your breath, and hydrate your mouth.

CBD Toothpicks: What are They and How to Use Them

It sounds strange to say, but Charles Foster might be considered the ‘father of the toothpick’. By 1870, he had launched an operation capable of producing millions of wooden toothpicks per day. They are an excellent method of cleaning your teeth on the go, and they ensure you don’t suffer the embarrassment of carrying a piece of spinach in your teeth all day long!

Imagine though, a situation where this handy device also acted as a form of medication. Well, wonder no more, because the introduction of the CBD toothpick means you can enjoy clean teeth and an infusion of pure cannabidiol goodness all at once!

What Are CBD Toothpicks?

A CBD toothpick is just a traditional toothpick coated in CBD oil. If you have a habit of sucking on toothpicks, then it might prove wise to use it to your advantage. Depending on the brand, you could suck on the pick for up to 45 minutes and receive all the medicinal and therapeutic benefits of CBD .

CBD toothpicks work because uptake occurs sublingually (via glands beneath the tongue). The cannabinoids enter the bloodstream almost immediately via the tissues in the sublingual cavity, and the best brands are infused with spilanthes, which is actually an herb known for inducing saliva. So ultimately the more saliva you produce, the faster the CBD toothpicks will work.

Benefits of CBD Toothpicks

With CBD toothpicks, you get clean teeth and a rich infusion of CBD! Unlike products such as CBD oil which can be cumbersome to carry around with you, CBD toothpicks come in small packages which usually contain up to 20 picks. Each one contains anywhere from 10-25 mg of CBD, and all you have to do is suck on them for as long as the manufacturer suggests.

The benefits of CBD are many and include treatment for chronic pain, anxiety disorders , nausea, seizures, and inflammation. One thing we should point out though is that CBD toothpicks are not necessarily an ideal treatment for every ailment. For example, some conditions require up to 300 mg a day or more, so if your pick only contains 25mg of CBD, it would require the use of a dozen a day, which is not exactly practical.

However, CBD toothpicks are an excellent option if you’re seeking treatment for stress, anxiety or even acute pain. In fact, most charts suggest that 27 mg of CBD a day is all a 151-240-pound individual needs if they suffer from severe pain, so the toothpicks tend to work well for less serious conditions.

How to Use CBD Toothpicks

It is incredibly easy to use a CBD toothpick – once you have used it to pick your teeth clean after a meal, simply begin sucking on it for at least 20 minutes. You can also suck on one throughout the day for a quick CBD hit, and we recommend rotating the pick periodically for the best results, and to ensure that you absorb every last drop of CBD!

Comparing CBD Toothpicks to CBD Oil

Assuming you use a strong version of it, CBD oil is of course an excellent method of consuming cannabidiol. Ideally, it will be extracted from a CBD-laden marijuana strain via CO2 extraction. This process requires hi-tech equipment, but we urge you to avoid any brand that uses solvents to extract CBD, as the final product could end up containing dangerous toxins . CO2 extraction, on the other hand, uses high pressure and low temperatures to create a pure and potent oil.

CBD toothpicks are certainly convenient if you are trying to be discrete. You can bring them with you and no one will give you an odd look when you use one. In contrast, whipping out a bottle of CBD oil might draw attention. Also, the taste of oil can be unpleasant, while in comparison CBD toothpicks are flavored and actually taste quite good.

Where to Get CBD Toothpicks

For such a niche product, there are a surprising number of brands selling CBD toothpicks online. C.I.T.C Premier created cinnamon flavored CBD toothpicks, but on the downside, the dosage is relatively low (even though they come in packs of 65). Kush Creams is another firm selling the product, while Moon Picks is a site that seemingly specializes in them. Their CBD toothpicks are made from North American white Birchwood, and contain all-natural flavors and ingredients. They contain 10 per pack, and each one contains approximately 25 mg of CBD.

However, our preferred CBD toothpick comes from Pure Kana. Their product, called “Pure Picks,” contain 97% Phytocannabinoid Rich Oil from the whole hemp plant. This is crucial because the addition of other cannabinoids and terpenes to CBD means that the compound benefits from what’s called the entourage effect – a term used to describe the phenomenon of cannabinoids working better together, as opposed to when one is isolated.

Pure Kana’s CBD toothpicks contain 10 in a Pure Picks container, and each one contains 25 mg of CBD. They are laden with spilanthes (for more efficient saliva production and better absorption), and for best results, Pure Kana recommends sucking on both ends for up to 45 minutes each.

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Final Thoughts on CBD Toothpicks

Manufacturers of CBD products are becoming increasingly innovative, and the creation of CBD toothpicks is proof of that fact. If you like to clean your teeth after a meal and tend to suck on a pick, try a CBD toothpick instead. It is a fast and convenient way to get your daily CBD infusion, and you’ll have clean teeth as well. Go to the Pure Kana website today and purchase a 10-pack of Pure Picks PCR for just $29.99.

Toothpicks are an amazing invention but Imagine CBD toothpicks. Here we explain what they are and explore the best brands on the market.