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Best CBD Juul Pods 2021 – Top 4 Reviews & Buying Guides

With the rise of CBD research and the discovery of its multiple health benefits people are yearning to use CBD products more and more. With a huge influx of products people would like to try the best CBD vapes, the best CBD Juul pods, and the best CBD oils currently in the market.

If you are particularly interested in vaping, then you might want to check out this article since it explores CBD oil Juul pods and the numerous benefits that it brings. Juul CBD pods in general is a different and exciting way of taking CBD.
But before we can explore hemp pods Juul CBD products we have to understand what CBD brings to the table and why you should pick Juul compatible CBD pods.

In A Hurry? Here’s The Winner

JGO Vape Pods

Why is it better?

  • Extremely potent
  • Third-party tested
  • Large flavor variety

The Lineup At A Glance

Best Transparency

  • 6-month guarantee
  • Detailed website
  • Easily accessible lab results

Best Flavor

  • Delicious flavoring
  • 300 puffs per pod
  • Contains MCT

Best Value

  • Potent CBD vape
  • Subscription discounts
  • Juul compatible

Best Potency

  • Strong CBD oil concentration
  • Reasonable price
  • Third-party tested

What is CBD?

CBD or Cannabidiol is a compound that is derived from hemp oil. CBD is known for its many health benefits but a lot of people are wary of it since it is closely related to marijuana which has psychoactive properties.

With the legalization of CBD products and the federal government helping differentiate it from marijuana, it’s become very popular and a lot of CBD products are now being sold on the market.

What are the health benefits of CBD?

CBD has many uses and applications. Before it was legalized it has been discovered that it can help cure epilepsy and other diseases.

Now that it has become a product that most people can use, many more health benefits and uses have been discovered.

CBD has anti-inflammatory properties and it been known to help in relieving anxiety and easing the nerves. Because of this CBD products are often used to help people with chronic pain and help people relax.

What are Juul pods?

Juul pods are cartridges used in Juul which is a portable “nicotine-delivery device” which is a fancy term to describe an e-cigarette. Unlike cigarettes, Juul pods can be filled with other substances as well making them more convenient and versatile.

This also means that Juul pods can be filled with various flavors as well so you can enjoy vaping while tasting your favorite fruit or simply enjoy the added taste that Juul gives you that cigarettes cannot.

Why should I take CBD Juul pods?

CBD has tons of health benefits and it can definitely help you deal with pain as well as ease the nerves. Vaping CBD can bring you the best of both worlds allowing you to experience the full benefits of CBD while enjoying your favorite pastime.

It’s also a good alternative to taking nicotine since som CBD Juul pods don’t have any nicotine at all making it a good way to enjoy vape without having to experience the addicting effects of nicotine.

Top 4 Best CBD Juul Pods & Product Review

Hempzilla CBD JUUL Pods – Best transparency

Hempzilla CBD JUUL Pods is the ideal CBD Juul pods to try out if you are skeptical about the safety of CBD. The company is very transparent and its been verified by a third-party lab.

  • Full transparency
  • Sourced naturally
  • 6 flavors
  • Doesn’t last for long

CBD is very popular and it’s very effective at what it does. However, because of its close relation to marijuana, a lot of people are skeptical about it.

If you want to try out CBD Juul pods for the first time, then we highly recommend Hempzilla CBD JUUL Pods. The company is very transparent and you can easily access their lab results on their website.

Additionally, their CBD vape is Juul compatible allowing for a better and more convenient experience. It’s also very cheap and affordable which makes it a good reason for trying out your first CBD Juul pod since you don’t lose a lot of money from trying it out once.

CBD Juul pods also come in 6 different flavors giving you a comfortable vaping experience and it has over 300 mg CBD concentration which shows how high quality a single Juul pod is.

Calm Pods for Juul – Best flavor

Calm Pods for Juul is a good choice if you’re picky about your Juul device and its taste. It comes with over 8 varied flavors giving you a refreshing experience every time you vape.

  • Tons of flavors to choose from
  • Juul compatible CBD
  • Designed for vaping CBD
  • Only 50 mg CBD

Vaping CBD is supposed to be a fun and refreshing experience. And since its a very good recreational activity, it would be nice if you can have a slightly different experience whenever you vape.

Calm Pods for Juuls is the epitome of this experience since it comes with over 8 different flavors to choose from. Each flavor feels and tastes different making this CBD vape ideal if you don’t like to taste the same Juul compatible CBD every time you vape.

The only problem we have is the low concentration of CBD with its 50 mg concentration. But this is hardly a problem since even a small amount of CBD oil in your Juul device can work wonders.

Overall, Calm Pods for Juuls is a good high-quality CBD vape to choose if you’re looking for a good and varied experience every now and then.

Airbender JUUL Compatible – Best value

If you are on a budget, then you might like the Airbender JUUL Compatible CBD pod. This Juul device is very cheap and affordable and it’s very potent as well.

  • Cheap and affordable
  • Third-party tested
  • Juul compatible CBD pods
  • The Juul device isn’t very durable

CBD oil products are known for their health benefits and ability to relieve pain but they are very expensive. If you’re on a budget, then you might want to try CBD products with lower concentrations of CBD in them like Juul pods.

If you want the cheapest and most affordable CBD Juul pods on this list then you might like the Airbender JUUL Compatible CBD pod. Their CBD pods come at a very cheap price at around $12 – $15.

What’s even better is that Airbender JUUL Compatible can be bought at a much more affordable price if you buy their subscription. Being subsidized by them will get you discounted prices on their products making you save more money in the long run.

Aside from their low price, their CBD pods are potent and powerful as well with over 200 mg CBD concentration. Lastly, as their name implies they have Juul compatible CBD pods that you can use to vape CBD oil products like CBD pods as well as other vape pods as well.

Overall, Airbender JUUL Compatible CBD pods are a good choice if you don’t want to spend a lot of money.

JGO Vape Pods – Best potency

JGO Vape Pods is the most potent CBD vape pod on this list. It offers up to 375 mg concentrate on CBD allowing you to fully experience the health benefits that CBD brings.

  • Large flavor variety
  • High-quality ingredients
  • 375mg of CBD oil concentration
  • Not compatible with calm vape

CBD pods are meant to be enjoyed with a potent CBD concentration. This is especially true for people who want to deal with their pain or to calm their nerves.

Getting CBD Juul pods that provide a good concentration of CBD oil is a must then if you’re looking to experience the full effects of CBD in vape form. This is why we highly recommend the JGO Vape Pods.

Their CBD Juul pods are being sold at a reasonable price and they come in a variety of flavors as well. But the real kicker here is that each 0.6 ml pod contains up to 375 mg CBD which is very potent.

In fact, it’s the highest CBD concentration on this list which is reason enough to get it. Lastly, JGO Vape Pods are also very transparent with their CBD Juul pods.

You can find a detailed lab report of their CBD Juul pods along with the product description. Now you’ll know exactly what ingredients they use in their Juul pods and determine whether it’s safe to use or not.

Overall, JGO Vape Pods is a good choice if you’re looking for a very potent CBD pod. With 375 mg of CBD per pod, you’ll be able to enjoy the full benefits of taking CBD oil in a single vape session.

Frequently Asked Questions

Cannabidiol or CBD is a substance derived from hemp that has tons of health benefits.

Juul is a brand of e-cigarette. A Juul compatible product means that it was designed to work with the mechanisms of the Juul e-cigarette.

Juul pods are more convenient and more cost-effective than standard cigarettes. They work as cartridges for Juul and most of them last more than 200 puffs which is a lot.

Juuling can be more cost-effective if you use a cheap Juul pod and smoke on regular intervals but it really depends on the cost of the Juul pod and how often you smoke. So the answer here varies from person to person.

Being dubbed as an “advanced nicotine delivery device” it would be shameful if Juul can’t beat a cigarette. Juul is known to be more potent than cigarettes and they pack quite the punch.

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Do you want to vape CBD oil but don’t know what product to choose? This article lists the best CBD Juul pods currently 2021.

I Tried CBD Juul Pods and They Were Actually Pretty Great

Just a few years ago, “It’s like marijuana but it doesn’t get you high” wouldn’t have seemed like much of a sales pitch, but these days cannabidiol, a.k.a. CBD, is everywhere. The PR emails I get these days that aren’t about “crypto” are mostly about CBD, and an entire quarter of my local pharmacy has been re-dedicated to tinctures, creams, and inhalers containing this new “it” compound.

But if it doesn’t get you high like the infamous THC does, and if legal weed is more readily available than ever, why does everyone suddenly want to try CBD? One reason is that it really could work as medicine: The FDA recently approved a drug derived from it to treat serious forms of epilepsy. Still, that doesn’t explain why hordes of mostly healthy people are suddenly swearing by it as a treatment from everything from anxiety to restlessness. I suspected at least some of the hype around CBD could be chalked up to a placebo effect—but that was before I found out you could vape it.

My love of the Juul—the vape that was supposed to help adults quit smoking but now enjoys a bizarre popularity among teens—was enough to outweigh my CBD skepticism. I was perusing the vape’s subreddit (sorry) about a month ago when I came across the first-ever ad for the Hempod, which is exactly what it sounds like: a way to mod the Juul so you could get high out of it.

The company behind the product (which is unaffiliated with Juul) was, maybe predictably, the brainchild of two 22-year-old college kids. Adam O’Reilly, a Hempod co-founder and Ohio State University student, was a relatively early adopter of CBD. He’s been using it instead of weed to manage his anxiety for the past couple of years and has a brother who, like me, quit combustible cigarettes using the Juul. “I realized, ‘Holy shit, this is the perfect mix,'” he told me over the phone.

For the past six months, he’s been filling empty pods with a mix of e-liquid and CBD, trying to get the ratio just right. The first prototype used a ceramic coil pod, though the company has since switched to a cotton-wick one that sells for $50 a pop. O’Reilly assured me the new hardware was an improvement in terms of leaking and the pod staying in place within the Juul, but all I really cared about how the liquid inside the Hempod would make me feel.

O’Reilly told me he no longer smokes weed as a result of his creation, so I assumed he was going to tell me that smoking these pods produced a sensation somewhat similar to being stoned. Instead, he told me that many users have compared it to the anxiety-obliterating feeling of popping a Xanax.

“You’ll notice something has changed,” he said. “It’s like the warm body feeling that you get when you’re high, but there’s no anxiety or worry. It’s not psychoactive, but your body physically is tingly and relaxed. If you have racing thoughts, those jumbled-up thoughts in your head dissolve. It’s really amazing actually that a chemical can be so effective without the THC.”

He said it also tamed ADHD while managing to have no cognitive effect. This sounded a lot like the rhetoric I’d already heard—and rolled my eyes at—about CBD being a panacea. I tried to imagine, as he was talking, what a combination of amphetamines and benzos that didn’t fuck you up would feel like. “You’ll probably, definitely feel it,” he continued, which made me less than assured that it did anything at all.

Still, I decided to put my skepticism aside and review it for a week.

The first problem was that, for me, the Juul is kind of gross to smoke if I’m not already kind of buzzed. That meant I never felt like smoking a Hempod when I’d be able to isolate its effects. It also didn’t help that the flavor I tested—mango—smelled very much like fruit but tasted kind of like burning plastic when inhaled.

I decided to take my first foray when my anxiety is typically at its peak: When I had a mild hangover. I took a few puffs, which was the recommended dose according to O’Reilly, before getting on the subway on a Saturday morning. Though I definitely didn’t feel “high,” I was definitely acting a little more altered than usual. I teared up three times on my MTA ride—once when I started thinking about the “electricity” of the city, again when I saw subway ads urging people to help the homeless, and yet again when I thought about how good a decidedly non-emotional hardcore album was. My trip was three stops long.

Another time, I took a few hits when feeling particularly down and started laughing uncontrollably about nothing 10 minutes later. But these were the most dramatic moments of my weeklong experiment. Mostly, when I inhaled CBD it was just like my internal volume had been turned down a little bit. It’s difficult to describe this sensation in positive terms. It’s like having exactly one glass of wine or being what I call “post-high,” which is the feeling you get after the paranoia and anxiety of smoking weed has worn off and you’re left with only the good bits.

All in all, that’s definitely not a bad thing. Given the range of experiences I had while using the Hempods, I’m still not sure what CBD technically does, if anything. I will say, though, that it doesn’t matter to me; I genuinely felt more at peace several times after using it. The world is in a constant state of chaos, and while loads of people are using that as an excuse to get more fucked up than ever, remaining clear-headed is undoubtedly a better strategy. The occasional use of CBD, at least for me, turns out to be a way to feel some slight relief without going off the deep end. It is a true happy medium in a world of increasing extremes.

I didn’t go into this thinking I’d be handing out an endorsement, but here you go: If you already have a Juul in your pocket and want to have the ability to feel ever-so-slightly less stressed at any given moment, Hempods are a good option. They’re obviously less of a hassle to carry around than any of those big, breakable glass dropper bottles they’re selling at my local pharmacy these days. Whether the undeniable lightness I felt was the effect of some miracle compound or all in my head is certainly up for debate, but seriously, who cares at this point. It’s 2018—I’ll go with whatever works.

I was skeptical about the benefits of CBD, but the pods actually seemed to help my anxiety.