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5 Things You Must Know About CBD Hemp Flower Dry Vape

  • August 20, 2020
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Vaping became popular when businesses and offices placed restrictions on nicotine. It used to be called “e-cigarettes” and a variety of other names. Then hemp was legalized through the 2018 Farm Bill and the right people figured out how to extract CBD from the hemp flower. CBD hemp flower dry vape is even better than the CBD oil that is used in a regular vape pen because you can enjoy all the savors of all the terpenes, cannabinoids and flavonoids.

Dry Vape to Kick Nicotine

Sometimes individuals have used vaping as a way to stop smoking nicotine then others started vaping because it was something they enjoyed. With the advent of CBD and all the benefits for health, many different ways to consume it became available.

# 1 — Hemp Flower Dry Vape is Preferred by Doctors

We have already talked about having a smoke of CBD hemp flower to relax and regain calm for the night. All that is true. However, most doctors will tell you that if you have any type of breathing or lung compromises, sending something burned through your lungs might not be the best. So, for another option for those who want to know all the possible ways to gain benefits of the CBD flower, let us look at Dry Herb Vape.

Dry Herb Vaporizers are different from concentrate vaporizers which use vape juice. Dry Herb Vaporizers sidestep the vape controversy related to cartridge vaporizers. The advantage of vaping is that you can enjoy the health benefits without burning your herbs.

The Dry Herb Vape is a vaporizer which only vaporizes dry herbs. The device holds dry herbs within a small inner chamber inside the device. At the time you power on the Dry Herb Vaporizer, it heats up an inner chamber. This is the beginning of the vaping process. The temperature will increase until it is high enough for the active ingredients in the chamber to release a vapor. This vapor can then be inhaled.

# 2 — CBD Hemp Flower Dry Vape – More Effective

Vapor absorbs into your lungs better and cleaner than smoke. So, a CBD hemp flower dry vape can be more effective than smoking it. CBD hemp flowers have anywhere from 11% to 20% content CBD. CBD oil mixture which is used in a vape pen could have as much as 60mg to 80mg CBD. So, the vape pen gives a higher dosage of CBD but the CBD hemp flower dry vape is more potent flavorful one. It also preserves the terpenes and flavonoids that provide that provide so many unique flavors.

# 3 — CBD Hemp Flower Dry Vaping is Flavorful

If you have chosen CBD hemp flower dry vape option, then be sure and examine the hemp flower for fine drops of resin on the tiny leaves. This assures that you will be in for a more “zen flavorful” experience unlike what you may acquire with a vape pen. Study the smells that the hemp flower is known for, then you will know what to expect in your dry vape experience.

CBD hemp flower dry vape is pure experience without a harsh or funny taste but rather a full, intricate combination of savors. It is true that the savors are endlessly varied and intricate from strain to strain. By handling and vaping the bud is the way to experience it personally.

# 4 — CBD Hemp Flower is Unprocessed

Extracting and processing CBD products is expensive and it wastes valuable hemp flower parts. The helpful phytochemicals may be destroyed or at least degraded. CBD hemp flower dry vape uses the flower in its entirety, unprocessed and with no additives. It is the whole plant experience.

High-CBD hemp flower is natural product of nature but with a vape pen you may get a high dose of CBD but you will be getting carrier liquids and other additives. These additives are no doubt safe by they are still additives.

# 5 — Dry Vaping May be Expensive, but it may be Better for Your Lungs

Dry vaping CBD flower is one of the more expensive ways to get CBD into your system. However, if smoking produces problems for you respiratory-wise then dry vaping is your best bet. The dry vape experience is not as convenient as a vape cartridge as you need a couple of pieces of special equipment.

  • You have to grind up the bud or flower in order to dry vape it so a herb grinder is needed costing around $15.
  • You also have to have a vaporizer especially for dry herb. A decent one will run you about $79 – $99.

When you dry vape, you get the benefits of the complete organic, pure, whole-plant, high-CBD hemp, with no additives. When you dry vape, you are inhaling the essence of pure hemp, isn’t that beautiful?

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CBD hemp flower dry vape may be better because you can enjoy all the savors of all the terpenes, cannabinoids and flavonoids in the hemp flower.

Best Dry Herb Vaporizers for CBD Flower

Author: Jason Beverly

CBD flower is the fastest growing segment in the booming hemp industry. And CBD flower is quickly becoming one of the most popular ways to consume CBD. The most common way to use CBD flower (hemp) is by smoking it, just like you would with cannabis. The idea of smoking hemp or cannabis is nothing new and it’s a process that dates back thousands of years. But dry herb vaporizing on the other hand, is a relatively new concept which has only been around for 30 years or so.

Dry herb vaping is a prime example of industry innovation. Humans took an effective concept (smoking) and made it even better (dry herb vaping). In this article, we’ll explain why we believe that dry herb vaporizers are here to stay and the best dry herb vaping devices to get you started.

What are dry herbs vaporizers?

Dry herb vaporizers are devices that are made to heat up cannabis or hemp just enough in order to create a vapor. This vapor contains cannabinoids (CBD and others) and terpenes which naturally exist in the plant. Dry herb vaporizers should never get hot enough to combust, or burn, the plant material. After a person inhales the vapor, they will quickly feel the effects.

What’s the difference between smoking or vaping CBD flower?

The main difference between smoking or vaping CBD flower is that smoking causes the plant to burn or combust, which in return produces unwanted carcinogens. Vaping CBD flower is the process of heating the dry CBD flower just enough to produce a gas or vapor which contains the desired cannabinoids such as CBD.

Vaping is using convection or conduction which is a process of using indirect heat to warm the flower. This results in a cannabinoid-infused vapor which is relatively pleasant to inhale compared to smoke.

Another major difference between smoking and vaping is the end result. When you smoke CBD flower, you’re left with ash. When you vape CBD flower, you’re left with slightly browned, but not burnt, CBD flower. This end result is also known as, ABV (already been vaped) flower.

Pro Tip – ABV flower still contains leftover CBD and can be eaten, added to edibles, or to make a tincture.

Dry herb vaping is quickly becoming one of the most popular ways to consumer CBD flower or hemp. Find the perfect dry herb vape for you.