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CBD Oil Direct is the go-to online dispensary for high-quality CBD products. Never before has buying premium, lab-tested CBD oil in Canada been so easy. At CBD Oil Direct we have everything from Full Spectrum CBD Oil, to CBD gummies, even CBD for pets! We’ve curated our selection of products and brands on the basis of quality and reliability, to ensure you–the consumer–get nothing but the best. Whatever you’re looking for, we make finding a product that fits your specific needs easier than ever.

Know About Cannabidiol (CBD) Oil

What is CBD Oil?

CBD, also known as Cannabidiol, is a compound naturally produced by hemp and cannabis plants. CBD is a cannabinoid, and is just one of the 113 cannabinoids hemp and cannabis plants produce. THC—CBD’s more famous cousin—is another compound from the cannabinoid family. However, unlike THC, CBD does not get you “high.”

To make CBD oil, CBD is first extracted from hemp plants and then infused into a carrier oil, usually MCT oil—which is derived from coconuts. Some brands may use other oils such as sunflower, grape seed or hemp seed oil to create their versions of CBD oil. In Canada, CBD oil has seen its popularity skyrocket. This is largely thanks to widespread testimonials coming from people trying CBD oil in Canada to improve their quality of life. There’s plenty of anecdotal evidence CBD helps people, but there’s little scientific evidence that supports CBD’s medical use so far. Fortunately, with the legalization of CBD in 2018, thousands of new studies are underway, with researchers seeking to understand how CBD works and what it can actually do.

Despite the science still playing catch-up, news of people’s positive experiences have spread and Canadians across the country have begun incorporating CBD into their self-care routines. For some this may mean a CBD capsule before bed, for others a CBD gummy or two in the morning, for others drops of CBD oil under the tongue. There are many ways to take CBD, including vaping CBD or smoking a joint rolled with high CBD cannabis flower, not to mention all the different topicals, CBD creams, bath, body, self-care products and lotions there are out there. There’s no shortage of selection out there, you just need to be discriminating. Always look for products that are tested for quality and impurities by a 3rd party lab.

Health Benefits of CBD Oil

Though there are thousands of testimonials out there from people using CBD oil in Canada that attest to CBD’s positive impacts on their quality of life, science can’t yet confirm all the hype. Be aware: most medical claims made about CBD are not backed by science.

What is generally known about CBD is that it promotes homeostasis in the body, and interacts with the human endocannabinoid system. CBD is also known to be a powerful anti-inflammatory and to have anti-anxiety properties too. However, what is not known is exactly how CBD works to achieve the observed effects, or how to use it in a precise way to address specific issues for different individuals.

So far, there are only a very few approved uses for CBD as medicine. Sativex is a THC and CBD based medicine used to treat painful muscle spasms caused by MS and other conditions. Another, called Epidiolex, is FDA-approved for the treatment of seizures caused by Lennox- Gastaut syndrome or Dravet syndrome. Since the legalization of CBD in 2018, thousands of studies seeking to understand exactly how CBD works and how effective it actually is have begun.

If you’re thinking of trying CBD, speak to a medical professional first. There are now many doctors now that are happy to advise their patients about using CBD. Many now even specialize in cannabis medicine. A growing number of them recognize CBD’s positive impacts, such as Canadian doctor Dani Gordon.

Be aware that CBD can interfere with the uptake of some prescription drugs in the same way that grapefruit does. Please do not take CBD if you are currently on medication.

How Do I Take CBD Oil Properly?

To answer this question, we should break it down into two parts:

1) What are the different ways to take CBD?

2) How do I use CBD oil properly?

Concerning the first question, there are plenty of convenient ways to take CBD oil in Canada. The various ways to take CBD are important to think about as they impact overall absorption, how quickly you feel the effects, and how localized the effects are. Vaping CBD, for example, will delivery CBD more quickly to your endocannabinoid system. Additionally, you’d absorb more CBD by vaping than if you ate CBD in chocolate. Why? When you consume CBD in a chocolate, it has to pass through your digestive tract. The human liver and digestive system are quite efficient at scrubbing CBD out.

If you vaped CBD, you’d feel stronger effects for a shorter amount of time compared to eating a CBD chocolate. CBD that must pass through the digestive tract is largely eliminated, so less gets absorbed. However, it is released more gradually to the endocannabinoid system (ECS) and the effects are felt over a longer period of time.

One of the most popular ways to take CBD oil in Canada is by taking drops of CBD oil and holding it under your tongue for 30-90 seconds. There’s a large number of blood vessels there that offer CBD a route into the bloodstream that bypasses the digestive tract. This method is obviously less discreet than eating a gummy bear. Gummy bears just look like normal candy.

CBD creams and topicals are another method of getting CBD to your endocannabinoid receptors, many of which are found in muscle tissue and near the skin. CBD applied to the skin generally doesn’t make it into the bloodstream and affects mostly local ECS receptors. More CBD has to be applied to the skin to reach ECS receptors as CBD can’t simply go through skin, it can only get through pores. Generally speaking, only a very small fraction of the CBD applied to skin will make it down to local ECS receptors.

Concerning the second question of proper use, this is a question about dosage. What is the right dose? There is no answer to that question at this time. Scientists and medics are investigating this question, but it’ll be some time before we understand the human endocannabinoid system well enough to prescribe CBD with the accuracy of an FDA-approved medicine.

As no dosage advice is currently possible, people trying CBD oil in Canada for the first time are recommended to take the “Start low, go slow” approach. It’s also highly recommended that you keep a detailed daily journal of your experiences for at least a month or two. Start with a low dose of 5-10mg. Stay with it for a week and record your experiences daily. The effects of CBD are quite subtle as they provide no strong numbing sensation like some prescription medications. CBD only dials down certain systemic responses and brings your body back towards balance. When evaluating CBD’s effects, what you’re looking for is the absence or dialing down of things you’re trying to avoid.

After the first week has passed increase your dose by 5-10mg, depending on your weight. Record your experiences daily and see if you begin to notice differences. A week later, repeat this process of incremental increase, just 5-10mg. You can continue with this process of experimentation and self-observation for 1-2 months. This will give you a clearer idea of what dosage is helping you most. Factors that can affect your response to CBD is your natural tolerance, whether you are a habitual cannabis user, and the unique characteristics of your endocannabinoid system, among others.

It’s also important to know that more CBD is not necessarily better. CBD will act on different groups of endocannabinoid receptors at different dosages. One dose might make you sleepy, while another will make you more focused and alert, while another might be more anti-inflammatory. This is another reason why a steady, incremental process of experimentation is advised. Simply increasing the dose by a large amount won’t necessarily improve results. Look back through your journals for clues to finding your “sweet spot.”

What is the difference between Full-Spectrum CBD Oil and Hemp CBD Oil – No THC?

If you’ve shopped for CBD Oil in Canada before, you’ll probably have noticed that there are two main types. The most popular type of CBD oil in Canada is Full spectrum CBD oil. This kind of CBD oil is made with full spectrum CBD distillate—a resinous substance extracted from hemp/cannabis plants. Full spectrum distillate is rich with desirable natural compounds produced by its parent plant, including cannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids and more—hundreds of compounds! The CBD concentration in full spectrum distillate can vary, but it usually falls in a range between 70%-90% per volume. The THC content of full spectrum CBD distillate is usually somewhere around 0.3-0.5%.

Hemp CBD Oil – No THC is made with CBD isolate. Isolate is a form of CBD that has been refined from the original distillate to become more than 99% pure cannabidiol. CBD isolate is a white powder. When you combine it with a carrier oil, like MCT oil, grape seed oil, hemp seed oil or others, you’ve got CBD Oil – No THC.

The key difference between the two is in THC content. Hemp CBD Oil – No THC contains no THC whatsoever. This is important for people who are drug-tested for their jobs. The THC in a full spectrum CBD oil will show up on drug tests. Use a no-THC CBD oil if that’s the case for you.

Full spectrum CBD oil is more popular overall than CBD oils made using isolate. People claim they enjoy the effects more, but science has not yet proven whether this is empirically true. If an isolate-based CBD oil is not working for you and THC is not a problem, start on full spectrum cbd oil using the the “Start low, go slow” approach.

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Direct CBD is now a part of Nu-X CBD There are hundreds of CBD manufacturers, retailers, and farmers – but at the end of the day there’s only one of YOU. Our mission is to become the most trusted CBD retailer by providing each customer with the transparency, quality assortment, and educational content they need to feel