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8 Easy and Tasty Recipes for Good Hemp Oil

Ahh Good Hemp Oil , our oldest and dearest child. 20 years ago we set out on a mission to make hemp a kitchen staple around the world, armed with our first omega-rich culinary oil, and people loved it. They drizzled it on salads, made roast potatoes and even poured us over ice cream (that was Jamie Oliver and I think he’s the only person that ever done that…but we’ll take it). Today, despite having a whole range of products, we’ll never stop talking about the benefits of our oil (or hemp in general). And while we have no favourites (parents never do) Good Hemp Oil will always have a special place in our hearts.

We make our Good Hemp Oil by cold-pressing hemp seeds which helps maintain that light and nutty taste we’re always talking about with hemp. It’s naturally packed with omega 3, which are essential fatty acids that experts believe aid good brain and heart health as well as boosting circulation and the immune system. Oh and we think it’s way better than its cousin olive oil, because hemp oil has 25x more omega-3 and 40% less saturated fats.
So how do you use hemp oil? Here are 8 of our favourite hemp oil recipes…

As a salad dressing…

Anything olive oil can do, we can do better. Use hemp oil like you would olive oil, drizzled over crunchy lettuce leaves with a squeeze of lime or whipped into a tasty vinaigrette with balsamic, lemon, salt and pepper.

On Roast Potatoes…

This was how chef Hugh Fearnley– Whittingstall first convinced people that hemp oil was the next big thing. We know everyone has their favourite way of making roast potatoes, so why not make this one yours? Here’s the hemp oil roast potatoes recipe, take it as your own.

On Roast Vegetables…

Watching the waistline? Good Hemp works great on roasted veg too. As we’re coming into the colder months, give it a whirl with pumpkin, sweet potato and butternut squash.

In Soup

Talking of butternut squash, this dairy-free butternut squash and hemp soup recipe uses a healthy dose of Good Hemp Oil. The butternut squash, rosemary and hemp oil give it allllll the flavour, while the unsweetened hemp milk gives it a creamy, rich texture (without the cream, of course).

On Stir Fry

The base to any great stir-fry is a culinary oil, along with garlic, ginger, chilli and soy (or tamari if you’re gluten-free). Cook up whatever veg, combine with your rice noodles, then pour some extra oil on top with a sprinkle of coriander.

Quinoa Bowl

If you’re not feeling stir-fry, try this miso quinoa bowl with mushrooms, cavolo nero and hemp seeds. The oil gives it a rich, nutty taste which complements the miso perfectly.

Hemp Pesto

Ok, ok, we know it might take a minute to wrap your head around pesto without olive oil. But it might just become your new favourite hemp oil recipe. Plus ours is nut-free. This recipe by Phoebe Liebling uses our Good Hemp Oil with hemp seeds, broccoli florets and a large bunch of parsley. She pours it over root vegetables, delish.

Good Hemp’s Homemade Granola

Forget the shop-bought stuff, our Good Hemp homemade granola is as easy as 1,2,3. Combine the oats, nuts, Good Hemp Seed Hearts and cacao nibs into a large bowl. Then mix with Good Hemp Oil, maple syrup, salt and hot water. Spread it all over a baking tray and voilà!

Hemp oil is made by cold-pressing hemp seeds and has a light-nutty taste. Now see how you can make delicious recipes from it!

What to Know Before Cooking with Hemp Seed Oil

Hemp Oil is known as the lesser-known cousin of the CBD oil. It has its unique types of health benefits and special manufacturing methods.

Since it is lesser talked about in general we decided to share some information about it.

It is extracted specially from the hemp plant seeds, this hemp seed oil is very commonly confused with its popular counterpart, CBD oil. While CBD oil has many health benefits in its own ways, hemp oil also has plenty and various health benefits like lots of good fats and fatty acids along with a wide range of nutrients.

Hemp seed cooking oil has an interesting flavor & taste.

It’s nutty and warm and a little bit rich. If you’re a lover of various vegetable oils, I’d suggest hemp’s flavor is most analogous to walnut oil. As such, it can’t be just subbed in for any other vegetable/cooking oil.

Here are a couple important pieces of info you need to know before you get started.

  1. Hemp seed oil has a really low smoke point, 325 degrees F. That means you’ll want to use it carefully in cooking because if you try to sear some steaks in it, you’re gonna have a hemp-stinking house & funky-flavored steaks!
  2. Hemp oil’s unique flavor makes it a perfect finishing ingredient–use it in marinades, salads, with bread, drizzled on roasted veg or popcorn before serving.

There are a couple of misconceptions about hemp seed oil that we should probably clear up.

First – There is difference between hemp seed oil & CBD oil. H emp seed cooking oil does not contain CBD or THC in significant quantities.

Second – As the hemp plants mature in the field, the CBD & THC presence spikes, but then once the plants seed, CBD and THC presence all but disappears. This is one of the reasons that industrial hemp activists have been so aggressive on ending prohibition of industrial hemp.

For industrial applications, mature plants are no longer controlled substances or anywhere near them.

Third – Hemp seeds do contain protein, but the oil does not – the protein is all in the shells and the meats–vegetable oils are all fats extracted from plants.

And now that’s all out of the way, let’s talk about some ways to incorporate hemp seed oil into your holiday cooking!

You’ll want to add some hemp oil anywhere you’d like a rich, nutty flavor infusion.

Serve it with the rolls instead of or in addition to butter.

Drizzle it on top of the green bean casserole to elevate a Turkey-day favorite.

Make salad dressing using 2 parts of your favorite vinegar (strongly recommend red wine or apple cider), one part of hemp oil, some dehydrated garlic, dried or fresh sage, a splash of soy sauce or worchestershire, salt, pepper, and just a dash of sugar. If you’ve never served a brussels sprouts slaw, I’d recommend trying this tossed with raw, shredded brussels sprouts and napa cabbage. Give it a sweet/tart bite and festive coloring with some pomegranate seeds and fresh basil.

If your family is fond of steamed cauliflower, toss it in a little hemp seed cooking oil, salt, pepper, garlic, and vietnamese chili-garlic paste before serving.

If your people like homemade condiments, try subbing some or all of the oil in your favorite mayo recipe with hemp oil. It’ll have a gorgeous green hue, and you can put this on your leftover turkey sandwiches or serve it as a dipping sauce with roasted brussels sprouts & toasted pecans. Add a little garlic and call it an aioli! Impressive and adventurous!

We hope you’ll enjoy bringing the hemp seed oil to the table this Thanksgiving, and that you and yours have an excellent celebration followed by a prosperous year.

We hope you’ll enjoy bringing the hemp seed oil to the table this Thanksgiving & that you have an excellent celebration followed by a prosperous year.