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People across the nation are discovering the value of CBD products and alternative health services. You can try this natural alternative for yourself at American Shaman of Coppell. We’re a trusted Wellness Center in the Coppell, Grapevine, Lewisville Texas area, offering a range of American Shaman CBD products for both humans and animals. We also provide Sensory Deprivation Float Therapy, Massage Therapy, and Wellness Coaching programs to help you meet your wellness goals.

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American Shaman CBD products are not one-size-fits-all. There are many different ways you can use CBD. We offer a wide range of products, including…

  • CBD Water Soluble Products
  • CBD Tinctures
  • CBD Edibles
  • CBD Lotions, Creams and Topicals
  • CBD Soaps and Bath Bombs
  • CBD Dog, Cat and Equine Products
  • CBD Skin Care
  • Hemp Flower

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    Organic US Hemp Authority Certified US Sourced 3rd Party Tested
    C02 Extracted Nanoemulsified Full and Broad Spectrum 9x More Bio-available


At our Coppell, Texas American Shaman CBD store, you’ll get more than just our 100% natural American-made products. You’ll get dedicated customer service and guidance from an educated team. Come in for a free consultation and learn the benefits and uses of CBD. You can even sample our product for free.

Including High Quality CBD into your daily routine can change your health for the better. Discover the advantages of CBD products at American Shaman of Coppell, at 230 N. Denton Tap Rd. Suite 113 Coppell, TX 75019.

6-Week Stress Release Program

Change how you react to stress with a solution that can help you easily and naturally manage stress for the rest of your life.

  • 6 Weekly 60-Minute Float Sessions
  • Lifetime Access to Virtual Classes (one per week) led by Industry Experts
  • Daily Motivational Texts
  • Access to an Accountability Coach
  • Facebook Support Group
  • Journal
  • 20% OFF ALL Products for duration of program

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Labs and Documentation

At CBD American Shaman of Coppell TX we test for CBD and THC content. In order to stay compliant with legal limits, we ensure that all of our extracts and products have less than 0.3% total THC, which includes D9-THC and THCA. Tetrahydrocannabinolic acid (THCA) is a non-psychoactive compound that becomes THC during decarboxylation, which happens when the compound is heated up. Even though THCA is not psychoactive in its current state, we know it could become THC if it gets decarboxylated, which is why we ensure that the sum of D9-THC and THCA is less than 0.3%, rather than just the psychoactive D9-THC.

Available Lab Reports

We believe in transparency. We want our customers to know that they are getting exactly the amount of CBD that our labels say they’re getting. We work hard every day to ensure that our products meet the legal requirements and provide our customers with a pure and potent product that works. It’s the Shaman way.

Filter this page by product to find the lab reports for the products you use. You can also scan the QR code on the bottle or packaging of our products to view the lab report for that specific batch.

CBD American Shaman of Coppell TX is dedicated in providing wellness through the highest quality, ultra-concentrated, terpene rich nanotechnology CBD.

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Broad Spectrum Gummies

We offer a variety of broad spectrum gummies in-store. Broad spectrum gummies have no THC content but the standard CBD, terpenes and other ingredients consistent and available in the cannabis plant.


We carry 6 different honey flavors with large and small sizes available in-store. We have the following flavors available in-store: ginger, turmeric and black pepper, lemon, regular, elderberry, and tangerine. We recommend trying this delicious honey right before you go to bed.

Kevala apple cider vinegar

Kevala’s Organic Raw Apple Cider Vinegar is made from organic USA grown apples. This raw form of apple cider vinegar offers the same benefits as our Goli gummies in a liquid form. We have 3 sizes in stock: 8oz, 35oz and 64oz available!

YIPS – CBD Capsules

Our YIPS Full Spectrum CBD Capsules is an easy and convenient way to ingest 25 mg of CBD in one pill. Add this to your daily routine and see how CBD can help you!

Lunchbox Alchemy – Full spectrum Gummy (Double Strength available)

Our Lunchbox Alchemy Full Spectrum Gummy has 25 mg or 50 mg of CBD per gummy. This 30 count bottle is convenient for those using CBD gummies on a daily basis. We also have a 6 qty and 10 qty option available in store.

Canna Bees Honey – 500 mg

Our locally sourced CBD honey option is available in the Raw Relief flavor. Canna Bees is our premium honey product and will surely help with your relaxation and settle unwanted allergies and other seasonal ailments.

Lunchbox alchemy – full spectrum sleep gummy

Our Lunchbox Alchemy Full Spectrum Gummy has 50 mg of CBD per gummy. This 30 count bottle is convenient for those using CBD gummies on a daily basis. This gummy combines the benefits of CBD with Chamomile to help support your sleep.

cbd drinks

We have multiple CBD Drinks available in-store. We have various flavors of sparkling drinks with 25mg of CBD per drink. Stop in and receive a free drink with any participating purchase.

Full Spectrum Gummies

We offer a variety of full spectrum gummies in-store. Full spectrum gummies have CBD, terpenes and THC content up to the legal limit. Our gummies come in different strengths and flavors.

GOLI – Apple Cider Vinegar Gummy

This Goli Gummy maintains the benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) in a tasty and easily digestible formula. ACV can assist with the following: Digestion, Complexion, Weight Reduction, Body Detoxification, Heart Health and Energy Levels.


Are you looking for an easier way to take your CBD? Our CBD gum comes in a convenient cool mint-flavor and is infused with 10 mg of CBD per piece.

CBG Gummies

Supercharge your endocannabinoid system (ECS) with a gummy infused with the “Mother of All Cannabinoids” – Cannabigerol (CBG) Enjoy 30 gummies in four delicious flavors!

CBD Buddha Teas

Our CBD infused teas will surely hit the spot! Each of our distinct teas has its own flavor profile and benefits. Buy 2 and get the 3rd half off!

3CHI gummy

Our 25mg Delta 8 THC gummies deliver a potent one of a kind head and body sensation. Comes in packs of 8 (200mg total Delta 8 THC) or 16 (400mg total Delta 8 THC).

proleve – broad spectrum Gummy

Our Proleve Broad Spectrum Gummy has 50 mg of CBD per gummy. This 30 count bottle is convenient for those using CBD gummies on a daily basis. This product is vegan and does not have any THC content.

proleve – broad spectrum Sleep Gummy

Our Proleve Broad Spectrum Gummy has 50 mg of CBD per gummy. This 30 count bottle is convenient for those using CBD gummies on a daily basis. This product is vegan and does not have any THC content. This gummy combines the benefits of CBD along with melatonin.

Oils & Tinctures

Water Soluble

For those experiencing internal inflammation (pain, stress, anxiety, etc.), we recommend trying our water soluble CBD “oil”. Our water soluble solution can be placed in any drink (coke, sprite, coffee, water, etc.). We recommend half a dropper two times a day. Our water soluble product lasts on average for 30 days. Our water soluble solution comprises of CBD, terpenes and THC up to the legal limit. Our Water Soluble has 300 mg of strength per 30 ml bottle. We also have 5 ml bottles available in store.

VG Cloud

Our VG Cloud solution can be placed under the tongue, in any drink or vaped. Our VG Cloud product lasts on average for 30 days. Our VG Cloud solution comprises of CBD, terpenes and THC up to the legal limit. We have two strengths available in store – VG Cloud 300 and VG Cloud 600. The 300 and 600 numbers represent the amount of CBD in each 30 ml bottle of VG Cloud.

CBNight Water soluble

For those looking to fall asleep easier and stay asleep longer, look no further! Our revolutionary CBNight Water Soluble may help you get the sleep you deserve. CBNight is comprised of CBN, Cannabinol, and our nanotechnology, which radically increases the potency of this product.

Welcel Extra Strength 3000 mg tincture

We have partnered with Welcel and Dr. Lisa Gardner to provide our highest strength full spectrum tincture. With 3000 MG of CBD per bottle, you will start feeling your best earlier and faster with this product.

Extra Strength Water Soluble

Our extra strength water soluble product is 3 times the strength of our standard “oil”. We have a 15 and 30 day solution available in-store and online. We recommend this product for experienced CBD users.

Extra Strength VG Cloud

Our extra strength VG Cloud is 3 times as strong as our original VG Cloud solution. We now have a 600 mg and 900 mg strength in addition to our standard 300 mg product.

Hemp Oil

For those looking for pure form CBD oil, we recommend our hemp oil products. We have 5 different flavors available in-store and online. The hemp oil can be ingested directly under the tongue.

CBGo Water soluble

CBGo is the world’s first CBG oil powered by nanotechnology. Made with a unique blend of phytocannabinoids from naturally grown hemp plants, CBGo helps you focus on the task at hand and gives you the energy you need to power through your day, all without the negative effects of caffeine.

Health & Beauty

Beauty Products

We carry a host of beauty products in store. CBD has been known to help with acne and blemishes. Additionally, CBD helps improve skin health and moisture. We have lotions, serums, creams, and lip revitalizers.

Pain Pack

We have CBD Bio-Freeze and CBD Topical Patches available in-store. For those dealing with joint and muscle pain, these products might help mitigate aches and pain.

CBD Probiotic and CBd omega 3

CBD infused Probiotic and Omega 3 solutions provide you with an all encompassing health and wellness product. CBD combined with the power of probiotics and Omega 3 can further help your heart and gastrointestinal health.

Nasadol CBD Nasal Spray

Our nasal spray delivers 2mg CBD per spray. This formulation contains the terpene Limonene. The 2mg per spray blend delivers a robust experience for times when you need big help fast.

Topical Cream

Our topical cream helps mitigate joint and muscle pain. Our topical cream is odorless and should not stain clothing. We have a small and large size available in-store and online.


For those looking to ingest CBD outside of the oil and edible route, we recommend CBD capsules. We house two different capsule strengths that can be taken daily in the morning or night.

Skin care

Known for its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant benefits, CBD may help treating skin concerns like inflammation, dryness, and other impurities. We have a line of face masks, face serum, and face cleanser that will help treat the toughest blemishes!


Mitragyna Speciosa is the powerhouse ingredient in all strains of Kratom and is the main reason why kratom is so effective. We highly recommend this product for energy, pain, mood elevation, and focus.

Kratom – Melo Shot

Melo Extract is a concentrated form of mitragynine and full spectrum extracts from the leaf of the Kratom tree. We highly recommend this product for energy, pain, mood elevation, and focus.

CBD can be ingested via our CBD oils and tinctures, edibles, health, beauty and clearomizer products. We have proprietary water soluble and VG cloud solutions to help with pain and anxiety. Our topical cream helps with muscle and joint pain.